About the Data

What software do I use?

Google Sheets

I use Google Sheets to store all of my data. It similar to Excel but more user friendly. I will normally spend most of my time working with the data in Google Sheets before I move to Google Data Studio or Canva.

Tutorials are available on Bachelor Data Patreon!

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is free to any user with a Google account. This is a data visualization tool which is a great tool for intermediate-advanced Google Sheet users. This is a great free alternatively to Tableau - but more intuitive!


Canva has recently become my go-to tool for creating quick, visually friendly graphics to share. If you like my Instagram page, you'll love Canva.

What data do I collect and how do I collect it?

Data collected:


  • Daily Instagram follower counts for active contestants.

  • Short term Instagram follower counts for inactive contestants.

Screen Time

  • Featured Screen Time

  • Episode segments


  • Weekly Google Search Trends

  • High Frequency Words (transcripts courtesy of @bachwatchleague)

Instagram data is collected manually at 8pm EST daily.

Screen time data is collected manually. We prefer purchasing the episodes on Amazon Video to collect data after the episode airs.