About Bachelor Nation Data


Just can't get enough about The Bachelor franchise? Same. That's why I created Bachelor Nation Data. My goal is to provide you with data you didn't realize you needed so you can have more to analyze between episodes. So jump in! We'd totally give you our first impression rose. Think of me as your data happy place.

My Data Visualization Story

I'm Suzana - technology director by day, reality TV die hard by night. Over the past three years I've been on a journey to explore and learn the ins and outs of data visualization. Like you, I find myself tuning in every Monday (*Tuesday) night only to be met with endless questions on producer manipulation, impacts of screen time, and how storylines shape a contestant's future.

That's why I decided to connect my two interests - data & the bachelor - to share the impact of this show on social media. Because we all know Instagram is really the end goal of most of these contestants.

While my start was on Reddit from December 2018-February 2020, I've now branched out to Instagram to dive into quick storytelling with data. You can find me on Reddit or on Instagram.

Suzana's Favorites

It may come as no surprise that the world of data and the influencer industry are fascinating to me. I'll be keeping a list of my favorite articles and "things" that you may find yourself interested in as well.

Favorite Things

If you're interested in data beyond The Bachelor, Chartr will be your next favorite thing. Chartr is a newsletter that provides insights into business, technology, entertainment and politics and it's 100% free.

They cover everything from Disney, to NASA, and movies and even covers economics... all similar to the Bachelor Data mission.. make it easy to understand visually.

Favorite Articles

December 19, 2020: An Oral History of the World’s Biggest Coupon by The New York Times